About Us

CAZZKARO BRANDS PRIVATE LIMITED, founded in January 2019, aims to fulfill the aspirations of the “Young Minds”, by offering them fashionable apparels at affordable prices without compromising on the quality of the materials and workmanship.

CAZZ means "casual" and Cazzkaro aims to keep fashion, a casual affair. Our customers are the young minds, without barriers of age, gender, and social status.  

Cazzkaro's promoters are two young Engineers, having a passion for fashion and the courage to embrace uncertainty, by plunging into the volatility of entrepreneurship.

Cazzkaro's initial foray into this world of fashion is with "T-shirts", apparel which has been evolving over the last century and has a very interesting history. The origin of T-shirts dates back to the first decade of 1900 when it was used as an undergarment for men. It traces its origin to New York and were called the “ Union Suit ". With the passage of time, the Union Suit slowly evolved into “ T-Shirts” and they gained in popularity. Hollywood picked up on the emerging trend. T-shirts with promotional prints have been in vogue for various social, cultural and political campaigns, including the Presidential campaigns in the United States Of America. During the 1960s, “T-shirts” of bright colors and tie-dyed patterns were very popular and they were often used as catalysts of self-expression. In the decade of the ’70s & ’80s, customized T-shirts continued to grow in popularity. Corporations and rock bands realized how powerful the T-shirts were in terms of branding.

T-shirts still remain an integral part of the fashion industry and they are worn in many different styles, colors, and fabrics. People from different generations wear them for casual and dress occasions, being channels of artistic license, self-expression, and branding.

Cazzkaro offers its t-shirts online to embrace the digitization euphoria blowing across India. 

Apart from the designers' T-shirts, we also offer customized "T-shirts" catering to the demands of various organizations. The T-shirts for these organizations serve as tools for branding, sales promotion, motivation, and bonding.

Our efforts are directed towards inclusivity by partnering with young and talented designers, who lack a platform to exhibit their artistic skills. Cazzkaro's  future plans include capturing the traditional Indian Art in our apparel designs and prints, by partnering with the ancient schools of art.